YouTube Star MrBeast orders 2 colors, leaves $ 10,000 Tips

A North Carolina waiter who served a customer who only asked for two glasses of water has found himself flush with money.

Alaina Custer's customer at Sup Dogs Restaurant in Greenville on Saturday had only a few slugs from the water he ordered.

It must have been good. The man left $ 10,000 in cash on the table, with a note saying, "Thanks for the delicious water," according to the newspaper Raleigh News & Observer.

The supersized tipper was not just a Ordinary guy with money to burn on water. It was YouTube star Mr. Beast (aka Jimmy Donaldson), who has earned nearly 9 million subscribers through extremely generous videos including tipping $ 1[ads1]0,000 to a pizza dealer and $ 30,000 for random Twitch streamers, according to Newsweek.

"He said he wants everyone to know that good things are still happening with good people," said Sup Dog's owner, Brett Oliverio, for WRAL TV. "I thought it was pretty cool. I think he would do some day and wanted to get that wow factor."

A video crew filmed Custer's reaction when she retrieved the money.

"I did not think so were literally true, "Custer told The News & Observer." I picked it up and it was a great staff with hundreds. I shook and just kept asking Brett, "What's this?" I thought somebody played me a joke. "

Custer, a 20 year old student at East Carolina University, told the paper that she was" so blessed to have that money "and said" it will help me so much. "

But she shares her fortune.

Custer took only $ 800 from the 10 great tips and left the rest for colleagues to split. Everyone else received a few hundred dollars each, according to WITN TV.

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