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Your Valentine will certainly not be disappointed in your breadstick bouquet

Photo: flukyfluky (iStock), Olive Garden

Maybe you are trying to make a big splash for Valentine's Day. Flowers are quite expensive for a gift that saves so fast. Chocolate is simply cliché at this point. How do you show your love for your loved one while you sit down from the traditional package?

Fortunately, several food producers and restaurants are here to help, with a variety of V-Day themes. For example, Cinnabons heart-shaped CinnaPacks, in a 9-pack of MiniBon Rolls, are bound to provide more power than a heart-shaped chocolate box (available at Cinnabon bakeries). Or maybe go for the same well-known packaging with a heart-shaped box filled with 30's Chick-fil-A Nuggets or 10's Chick-n-Minis from Chick-Fi-A.

Are you looking for something more bouquet-shaped? Bacon bouquets offer bouquets of "bacon roses" that are matched with everything from chocolate-covered cherries to beef jerky (unfortunately, they are sold out for Valentine's Day delivery, but perhaps you will still have happiness if you push the V-Day celebration off for the weekend). Grillo's Pickles offers a DIY pickle bouquet. Olive Garden has released downloadable templates so customers can make bouquets out of their unlimited breadsticks, with messages like "first-bit love" and "my love for you is never-ending." The breadsticks can be part of your To-Go Olive Garden Valentine's Day start from $ 35.99.

If you want to stick to the traditional chocolate, Walmart has this bouquet made by Reese and M & M for only $ 37. May possibly go over better than pickles, but it takes everything on Valentine's Day.

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