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Your Amazon Dash buttons are becoming even more meaningless

  Your Amazon Dash Buttons are about to become even more meaningless

Gone, but not forgotten. Mainly because there are thousands of useless buggers left

IT'S ENDING Amazon Dash buttons can be even more useless than advertised. Amazon has announced that they will simply stop working August 31, leaving you only 29 days to receive toilet paper with a quantity that will allow the postman to worry about your digestive health.

The Dash Button, for those unaware, was Amazon's attempt to make shopping as easy as pressing a button. Although getting a coffee in the 1

000s would mean a return trip to Ethiopia, Amazon had streamlined it to the point that you just pressed a button labeled coffee and it could magically appear in the post. It was ideal for anyone who has ever looked at the lab-free lives of laboratory rats and decided that they would like some of it.

In theory, the Dash button was designed for what you need in a hurry: dishwasher tablets, cat food, toilet paper, condoms and so on. Even if you suddenly find yourself in need of condoms, a 24-hour wait for delivery is still 23 hours and 59 minutes too long.

Each button cost £ 4.99 but would give you £ 4.99 off your first order made with them, so they were essentially free. Oh, and some found much better uses for them, and hacked them into becoming smart light switches, smart timers and portable Rickrollers.

Anyway, they are soon dead. Amazon's explanation is that they just don't need them now, because you can get virtual buttons in the app, or ask your Echo to place an order for you. Or, you know, just open your laptop and visit the site like a normal person.

Thanks for the e-waste, Amazon. All the seconds you saved by buying industrial quantities of Mentos were definitely worth the environmental cost. µ

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