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You can now buy the house where Jeff Bezos started Amazon, if you really have or something

If, for some wicked reasons, you ever wanted to live in Jeff Bezo's old house, well, you can do it now, for the low and low price of just under $ 1.5 million.

Per Seattle Times three-bedroom, 1.75 bath residence on northeast 28th Street in West Bellevue in the Seattle metropolitan area was also the original location of the Amazon headquarters (namely in the garage). It was first built in 1954 and was "extensively remodeled and refurbished in 2001, years after Bezos moved out," Times wrote. The garage was also remodeled so that the interior probably no longer resembles the residence when Bezos lived there. However, it retains an oversized mailbox, Bezos, once used to receive book catalogs back when Amazon sold books, rather than late capitalism.

West Bellevue is the most expensive neighborhood in the region, according to Times ̵[ads1]1; which surely can & # 39; t be related to Amazon's aftercare legacy to contribute to skyrocketing rentals and income disparities in Seattle – and the paper estimated that a $ 300,000 repayment and annual income of $ 300,000 would be needed to retrieve the house. Per Times:

The home's price history illustrates how much the area has changed. The year he lived there, the county review rated the home at $ 135,000. After Bezos moved, it was bought in 1998 for $ 182,000 – or $ 281,000 in today's dollar. It was then sold again in 2009 for $ 620,000, or $ 720,000 in today's dollar.

The current asking price for the former Bezos home is twice that – $ 1,488,888. That actually puts it comfortably below the area's median home price of around $ 2 million, and is slightly smaller than the Zillow and Redfin home value estimates.

While Times reported that Amazon was based out of the garage only briefly, Bezos built two desks out of cheap Home Depot doors and two-four-fours there for their second office, which CNBC reported, was in the same block as a pawn shop , heroin exchange and a "porn business". Listener Agent Pat Sullivan told the newspaper that "there is a good chance that an Amazon ecc can buy this for bragging rights," which sounds right, even though the last buyer to purchase the property allegedly had no idea at the time of sale.

Bezos himself has gone on to live a lifestyle more in line with his current budget. When he doesn't try to bust unions at Amazon plants or count tips on his delivery drivers' base salary, he bites his time in at least six massive properties across the country. According to Business Insider, they include a 29,000-square-foot property in Washington, two adjacent mansions in Beverly Hills, a massive ranch in Texas, a "former textile museum" in DC, and four separate condos in an Upper West Side building in Manhattan.

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