Yahoo Down Worldwide, Mail, Search, Others do not work and the other company-owned services went down a few minutes ago, with users around the world no longer able to log in or connect to the web portal.

Downtime specifications are not available at the time of writing this article, but we are seeing reports of connectivity issues from both the US and Europe.

While the company has kept a close eye on everything related to downtime, services such as indicate that San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, as well as Seattle and New York are all affected in the United States.

Some parts of Canada are also experiencing problems connecting to Yahoo.

Sites down or experiencing major downturns

As for Europe, Yahoo is down for the majority of users in France, Greece and Spain. Also, a number of users in Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands do not have access to Yahoo services.

In most cases, Yahoo services do not load at all, while some claim that they manage to get to the sign-in page, only that they cannot see any content afterwards. The image server seems to be down as well.

Those who are a bit luckier can actually get into their accounts, only that the download process takes up to five minutes. The same for the website, which works periodically depending on the region.

We have reached out to Yahoo to request more information about what caused the interruption, so we will update the article as and when it answers. [1[ads1]9659010]

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