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Xavier Zamora arrested for killing Albuquerque postman Jose Hernandez, police said

A preliminary memorial in honor of the post bearer deeply shot in Albuquerque this week. (Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Albuquerque Journal / AP) (Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Albuquerque Journal via AP / Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Albuquerque Journal via AP)

A variety of live flowers stand out on the street edged with virtually identical bright home in southwest Albuquerque. A jar of yellow flowers sits on top of a gray mailbox next to full bouquets. Among the flowers, a white helmet rests with an American postal service patch attached to the front.

The preliminary memorial is a tribute to Jose Hernandez, a long-term post consultant and the court veteran, who was killed in the residential area on Monday. Hernandez, 47, attempted to look up a match between a mother and her teenage son outside the home when the 17-year-old allegedly shot him before being erased from the government, the Albuquerque Journal reported .

The two-day manhunt was closed on Wednesday night when Xavier Zamora was found on a residence in southwest Albuquerque and taken into custody "without incidents," Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department, told The Washington Post in an Email. Zamora is facing a number of murders and an investigation is ongoing, Gallegos said.

The events that led to Hernandez's death began Monday afternoon.

Hernandez worked his route when he saw Zamora and his mother outside their home and argued and intervened, according to Journal. Zamora's mother told police Hernandez went in to help her, but the situation quickly escalated, reported KOAT.

Zamora allegedly "became aggressive" against Hernandez and asked the postman to fashion the youth, reported the Journal, and quoted court records. Zamora pulled into his mother's house and then re-appeared with a gun and shot Hernandez in the stomach, police said, according to CNN.

The authorities say the teenager dashed back into the house when chaos felt.

Neighbors hurried to help Hernandez, but despite their efforts, he died on stage, Journal reported. Zamora's mother also lived at Hernandez's side, according to KOAT.

SWAT officers went down to the neighborhood and thought Zamora was going to hide inside the home. KOAT reporter Brandon Evans said Monday night that the sound of shots and "flash-bang grenades" could be heard from the house's direction. Videos later showed damage to the outside of Zamora's home, including a broken window that was on the table. What appeared to be an outdoor light fixture had been knocked to the ground near the front walkway.

But the hours long standoff did not end with Zamora arrested. When officers entered the home, the youth was not there, even though the neighbors said they hadn't seen him, KOAT said.

When the authorities searched for Zamora, the community provided for Hernandez's death.

"Jose was a very special guy, said a resident KOAT." He was not your regular letterman. "

Martin Hernandez, one of Hernandez's brothers, told KRQE that the letter carrier was a father of four who loved superheroes. [19659016] "He and his heart always thought and did things like a superhero, said the brother, and later added:" When we found out that this happened to him, we felt … if he were to choose a way to leave this earth, it would probably do something like that. "

Tributes poured in for Hernandez. A memorial was quickly erected near where he died, with a person who left a note addressed to a great postman who sacrificed his life for the greater good. "Several miles away, outside the post office where Hernandez worked, balloons and flowers decorated the base of a tree, framed a home made sign that reads" Rest in Peace Jose. "

"This tragic shooting has shaken our city," said Albuquerque mayor Tim Keller in a statement Tuesday. "We take care of the family with the victim and with the entire postal service family."

The postal service was "shocked and sad" at Hernandez's death, Rod Spurgeon, a spokesman, told CNN. Hernandez had worked for the agency for 12 years, CNN reported.

"We all loved Jose very much," one of Hernandez's staff, who refused to be named, told KOAT tearfully. "He was a very good guy. We are just very sad and we handle it as best we can."

Keller said Tuesday that the city will continue to "fight the weapons violence that has taken a terrible twelve on our community." The mayor concluded the statement with a special request to residents.

"Albuquerque, please take the time the next few days to make sure your local letter carrier knows how much you appreciate them and gives them your love and support" said.

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