Woman says she was rationally profiled, removed from Alaska Airlines aircraft for subtitles

SEATTLE – Alaska Airlines apologizes after a woman was removed from a Paine Field aircraft in Everett.

The passenger, who is Indian, claims that she was rationally profiled and removed from an aircraft on Memorial Day weekend after another passenger "raised a concern" about her caption. Poorvi Nair said on a press conference on Friday that she was told that the pilot and crew were not comfortable with her on the plane after the passenger's complaint.

She and a civil rights lawyer say they intend to file a case.

In a statement on Friday to Q1[ads1]3 News, Alaska Airlines says it's "deeply sorry for Mrs Nair's experience when traveling with us. She shouldn't have been removed from the plane."

"We are proud to treat all our guests with caution and respect – and regret that we fell short in this case. We will learn from this and aim to do the right thing," the statement says.

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