Woman manages to board Delta aircraft without ID or boarding pass, passengers say

A woman was able to board a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta without an ID or boarding pass, says a passenger who helped uncover the alleged security breach after the woman in question took his seat.

Delta and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) investigated how it happened, Fox 35.

According to the passenger who did not want to be identified, the woman refused to get out of the seat. "I also had a boarding pass for that seat, and she said very bluntly, & # 39; I'm not moving. & # 39;"

The passenger told WFTV that she requested a flight attendant who came away and noted that the woman was not listed on the aircraft manifest.

  A passenger said the woman showed the pilot and a supervisor a picture of herself on her phone when they asked for ID.

A passenger said the woman showed the pilot and a supervisor a picture of herself on her phone when they asked for ID.

The pilot and a supervisor then tried to remove the woman to no avail.

When they asked for her boarding pass, the woman said she threw it, and when they asked for her ID, she showed them a picture of herself on her phone, WFTV reported.

The passenger remembered a conversation between the woman and the flight attendant.

Well, I'm showing you a photo ID, "the woman said." Madam, it's not a government-issued ID. It's a picture, "said the flight attendant." Well, this is just as good, "the woman said." No, miss, it's not as good, "said the flight attendant.


" They finally said to her: & # 39; violates federal law, & # 39; "said the passenger, according to the outlet.

Shortly after, the pilot called police who were able to remove the woman. She allegedly left the plane cursing, to the confusion of many other passengers.

" We were stopped quite quickly, and the pilot explained that it was because the lady did not cooperate with TSA, and she did not have a ticket to any airline at all, "the passenger told WFTV." They couldn't figure out how she even got on the plane. "


She said TSA agents and dogs searched the plane for about an hour, and workers searched each and dropped down in the bags before the plane took off for Atlanta.

TSA told the outlet the woman was shown but did not provide more information It is still unknown how the woman managed to get on the plane without a boarding pass or ID.

Delta issued a statement after the incident.

CLICK FOR THE WHOLE NEW FOXBUSINESS.COM [19659003] "Delta is asking customers for flight 1516 for an apology for the delay after a person who did not have tickets for the aircraft was removed from the aircraft," Delta said. "Security officials then directed lead was on display for everyone on board. Delta is working with local law enforcement and the Transportation Security Administration for their investigation, and we are conducting our own review of this as well. "

Orlando Police Lt. Wanda Miglio, who was called to the airport just before 10:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a" suspicious person, "the investigation went on and the FBI has been notified of the incident, reports ABC News.

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