Woman freaks out on plane, claims to see something that isn’t actually there

14:27 PT — Carrot Top was apparently on the same flight with this woman, and he writes her off as a lunatic who did this just for the thrill of it.

The guy documented it all IG — and he says that she reacted this way over a lost earplug, but that she didn’t really elaborate on what he meant. What he elaborated on was the fact that everyone actually had to fly over this… and that it pissed him off.

He says they eventually made it back and made their ultimate stop in Orlando — but not before a lot of drama and hand-wringing. He also seems to imply that this woman was actually handled by the authorities – but it’s unclear if she was actually dragged away or something.

A woman started channeling “Final Destination” vibes during a wild meltdown — this after storming off a plane before it took off … and claiming to see something no one else could.

This happened on Sunday on an American Airlines flight that left the Dallas-Fort Worth airport – unclear where it was going. Anyway, before the plane took off…a lady sitting in the back made a big scene in what can only be described as a freakout.

Look … the woman takes to the aisle and cooks up a storm, saying she’s getting off the plane for a reason — namely that there’s an imaginary man on board.

She points backwards, apparently identifying someone she thinks is there, and insists…the invisible guy isn’t real. Then comes an ominous statement – the woman says that the rest of the passengers can stay on board if they want, but she’s not going to die with the rest of them.

No one escorts her out in this clip, and she reportedly ended up getting off the plane without further incident, including an arrest or mental evaluation. Of course everyone was confused as to what the heck she was talking about…but it sure scared the heck out of the cabin.

Reports say that the OG poster of this video – who appears to have deleted his account – claimed that the plane was evacuated and that the trip was delayed a full three hours because of it. Sounds like the crew took her concerns seriously enough to see what was what.

In the end, though, the plane seems to have taken off without a hitch – which is a relief.

Of course, what came to mind for many after watching this was the OG horror movie — where the main character has a premonition about a plane exploding … which manifests. Terrible… ????

Originally published — 12:04 PM PT

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