Woman arrested for Livonia Burger King assault on tomatoes – Story

– A Harper Woods woman has been arrested for an assault by Burger King employees.

Porsha Tyler, 34, demanded a refund for a burger she bought the night before, then he was put in a tirade at Plymouth Road Place on January 27, caught on store video.

The Livonia police say that Tyler was upset that the burger was not served without the tomato she had ordered. Tyler was offered a free replacement target instead of a refund.

Tyler was then caught on security video that creates interference. The video showed that Tyler launched a cookie screen for the employee who hit her arm. The cake screen fell to the floor and shattered.

The employee was not injured during the attack. Tyler then threw food to the employee and threw a wet floor sign on the counter before leaving.

Tyler was arrested by the Livonia police without incidents on a 4-misdemeanor warrant on March 1[ads1]1, 2019.

She was arrested in the 16th District Court on March 12, 2019, and the bond was set at $ 2000 or 10 percent. She is scheduled for a conference before the trial March 26, 2019 at 9:30 am

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