Will the post office and banks be open on Monday 26 December?

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, observance of the federal holiday has been moved to Monday, December 26.

Will the post office be open on December 26?

No. Post offices will be closed at 26 December because Christmas fell on a Sundaya day that USPS employees always have off.

The US Postal Service is working to avoid a situation where citizens go two days without mail. Although no mail will be delivered on Monday 26th, it was delivered Christmas Evewhich means there will be no unusual disruptions to the email service.

Other state and federal government offices will also be closed the day after Christmas, so to avoid wasting time, It is recommended to take the trip on Tuesday.

Will the banks be open on Monday 26 December?

Most banks follow the calendar of the US Federal Reserve, the country̵[ads1]7;s central bank, which will be closed on Monday 26 December. While customers may have access to ATMs, a trip into the bank to take care of any financial services may not be an option. When the central bank resumes operations on Tuesdayso will most banks across the country.

For those looking to use gift cards or exchange gifts, you may want to check to see if the retailer is open on Monday or if they give workers the day off.

The same applies to New Year’s Day

Since New Year’s Day also falls on a Sunday, the holiday will also be observed on Monday, with banks reopening for business in 2023 Tuesday 3 January.

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