Will Dems get a boost from Uber's free ride to the polls?

U ber gives free rides to polls on election day in an attempt to increase participation in the democratic process.

Anyone who uses the app on November 6th will see a "Come to polls" button on the screen when they start the app. Uber collaborates with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works; The two organizations will provide promo codes for riders to redeem free rides. In addition, Uber will also offer $ 10 of a single trip to polls on election day through the cheapest Uber option available in a given city. Citizens in Utah and Michigan are not eligible due to restrictions on reduced transport on election day.

"With our technology and resources, we can make it easier for all Uber riders in the United States to come to their polling station with a push of a button," says CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in a press release.

Uber says the program's goal is to "help million Americans who say transport barriers as the reason they do not vote. "

Uber has previously run a campaign to help its customers sign up to vote.

Uber's election campaign helps to show voice from the who do not own a vehicle or have access to transport, mainly affecting urban and low-income voters, both of which tend to vote democrats. Uber is also popular with the thousands of years, another democratic high-rise, since users aged 1[ads1]6-34 make up two thirds by Ubers American clientele. On the contrary, there are free-market conservatives who have fought for Uber's right to exist in cities where taxi companies have attempted to ettholde a monopoly.

Represents the left-wing ways of this technology, or is this just a good citizenship? Truthfully, it's hard to tell.

Lift, on the other hand, makes their party attitude a little clearer. The riding company offers only 50 percent discount on November 6th for all voters, but provides free rides to "underserved communities facing significant obstacles to transportation," according to a statement. Lift collaborates with several organizations, including "When We All Vote", supported by former first lady Michelle Obama.

An error in both companies' plans is that riders can only get a discount on their way to the polls, but not on their way home. Perhaps those who really face a financial challenge to get to the polls should jump over the trip, and share a lot and order an absenteeism vote.

Alexander James is a contributor to Red Alert Politics and a freelance journalist.

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