Why you might not get a check for $ 125 in the Equifax settlement

Equifax promises $ 125 checks to victims of the widespread data breach in 2017, but claimants may receive much less.

The credit rating agency proposed two forms of compensation for the data breach of 147 million victims: 10 years of free credit monitoring, or a cash payment.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) published the settlement agreement and told the audience that it takes "seconds" to file a check for $ 125.

But she later withdrew when it was revealed that it is not so easy.

Mainly because there is not enough money in the payout pot to cover $ 1[ads1]25 checks for 147 million people. The total pool is around $ 380 million.

You can see if you are eligible to submit a claim here. The deadline is until January 22, 2020 … or until the money runs out.

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