Why we are excited about Emirates' new Premium Economy Cabin

They have resisted the trend for a while now, but Emirates will start rolling out premium economy class seats on some of its aircraft from 2020. In the case of getting on board or missing the aircraft, the Dubai-based airline will start installing the seats in the A380, Boeing 777-300ER and A350s.

The A380 will be the first Emirates aircraft with premium economy seating. Photo: Emirates.

We first see the new premium economy seats on the new A380s coming next year. Emirates reckons that its premium economy cabin will not be run by the factory premium economy. It will be "special." Emirates CEO Tim Clark has said it will be like business class cabins in yore before business class went all the reclining seats, sliding doors and 1-2-1 configurations.

Why are we excited about Simple Flying about this?

Premium economy offers a great compromise between economy class and reclining seats. The cabin option really comes into play when you have to pay for the seats yourself and win with the ongoing speed of a long business class seat.

And these seats look pretty comfortable. Tim Clark says they want a 10 ”armchair, cradle their legs and feet, be wider than standard economy seats and have more legroom. It is a good option for daytime flights when you do not necessarily need a lie flat bed.


Premium economy seating will also be rolled out over the Emirates fleet of 777-300ERs. Photo: Emirates.

The Emirates boss says the food and beverage service will be a step up from what is offered in the economy class with more personalized service.

Here at Simple Flying we have speculated that Emirates can choose HAECO Eclipse seat . The initial customer for this seat was "an as-yet-unnamed airline in the Middle East." It looks like a pretty decent seat too. HAECO Cabin Solutions president, Doug Rasmussen, so;

"We saw an opportunity to develop a premium product for a new class between premium economy and business class seating that would be appreciated by both passengers and airlines.

The unique benefits of the Eclipse seat, along with the integrated cabin , can create up to 14% increase in PAX within the same cabin space. "

The new HAECO Eclipse seat. Can this be Emirates & # 39; new premium economy? Photo : HAECO

The seats will be installed across three aircraft types

The new premium economy cabin will be rolled out on new A380s which will be in use in 2020. It will be a decent cabin – and a substantial one. Mr. Clark has speculated that there may be up to 56 seats with premium economy. In the first-class A380, premium economy cabins will be at the front of the lower deck. 025] emirates-premium-economy-voltage ” width=”700″ height=”506″ srcset=”×506.jpg 700w,×741.jpg 1024w,×109.jpg 150w,×556.jpg 768w,×275.jpg 380w,×579.jpg 800w,×839.jpg 1160w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px”/>

Emirates ordered a swing of the A350-900s this week, which will also include premium economy. Photo: Emirates.

We will also see premium economy seats added to the existing fleet of Boeing A380s, 777-300ERs and 50 A350-900 XWBs Emirates just signed off yesterday at the Dubai Air Show. It is the main part of the Emirates fleet. Despite being a late take-off engine, the airline is recovering in the premium bandwagon. If they are the launch customer for the HAECO Eclipse seat and at the same time get the right pricing, they will have a very compelling product.

Simple Flying has approached Emirates for a timeline for rolling out their premium economy seats, but has not heard back before publishing

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