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Why Trump's anti-Huawei campaign is an embarrassment

Editor's Note: Ghanbar Naderi is an Iranian journalist, an actor of upcoming issues, a documentary film and a member of the Writers Guild of Britain. The article reflects the author's opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

The Trump administration has pursued an unjustified campaign against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

The isolations claim that many Asian, African and European nations are utilizing their next-generation wireless networks with help from Huawei, actually giving Beijing a lead for espionage and worse ̵

1; something the company immediately denies.

Bending the bow of moral universe backwards

There is evidence that it shows that this is a set up job to beat everyone set up jobs – a dirty trick awarded by President Donald Trump to neocon faction in his administration.

In this stunt, the isolations are desperate to use every trick in the book, even tossing the kitchen sink, to stop China's political and economic ascent under President Xi Jinpons vision of mutual trust and collective governance in global cyberspace.

The necon faction is frightened that President Xi's proposal to build a community with a common future in cyberspace has made a major contribution to improving the global governance of cyberspace. To bend this bow in the moral universe backwards, they use the highest paid news commentators and the broad eyes of conspiracy theorists to propagate China.

In this paranoid season, the root of neocon tricksters "Sinophobia" has gone deeper than this. As per this policy, Huawei cannot operate in the United States, its CFO Meng Wanzhou can be arrested on extradition orders and it cannot get "normalized" trade relations with US counterparts.

Interestingly, their own mainstream media stores have just put together a large espionage table in America. The list is dominated by Russia, its satellites and Israel. No Chinese, which is good.

But you look at it, Huawei can't be punished for being the world's No. 1 telecom equipment maker. The "archetypal outsider" is not near the sheltered national security agency in Fort Meade, Maryland. It runs the global espionage network, but Huawei, still available to everyone, regardless of where they live, must be the usual suspect and cannot be allowed to create real change in the world.

Richard Yu (C), CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, arrives at a press conference and launch of new 5G Huawei products at the Huawei Beijing Executive Briefing Center in Beijing on January 24, 2019. / VCG Photo.

Richard Yu (C), CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, comes to a press conference and launch of new 5G Huawei products at the Huawei Beijing Executive Briefing Center in Beijing, January 24, 2019. / VCG Photo.

This is outrageous. This shows that there is a new trend in anti-Chinese sentiment in Washington led by Trump's top decision makers. Their trade friction between the US and China also contributes to this. They regard Huawei's global success as "a national threat." This irrational notion and anxiety is not just harming the United States, but making an effort to end the war even more difficult.

The road to defeat

] Trump's anti-China policy will have serious global consequences. He has chosen to glimpse the great contributions that Chinese technology has made to Western prosperity. His neocon faction uses the Huawei lie to cover America's failure to come up with China in technology and commerce. They are desperate to ignore their incompetence, and the sad part is that some political and economic elites buy into such absurd and outdated rhetoric.

The phase is set, but there is no real chance that the United States will win. It cannot stop Huawei, as US companies are not serious competitors in this market. Neocons exaggerate Huayi's threat because their case is short on details – and counterfeit.

Regardless of their lies, Beijing does not need secret access to Huawei switches, routers, and wireless base stations to infiltrate US networks, find military bases, steal trade secrets, interfere with global markets and / or install software "backdoors" in Huawei & # 39; s "complicated equipment" that Chinese intelligence could allegedly use to tap into, cancel or cancel Western data transmissions.

A large number of Western experts and cyber security companies claim that it is unlikely to happen – "almost zero because it would be discovered." And they are yet to hear from the NSA "ever found Huawei's backdoors made for Chinese intelligence." [19659019] A Gigantic AI-powered Rubiks Cube is unveiled by London's South Bank to celebrate the launch of the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the world's first dual-AI powered smartphone in London, England, October 25, 2018. / VCG Photo

A giant AI-powered Rubiks cube is unveiled by London's South Bank to celebrate the launch of the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the world's first dual-AI powered smartphone in London, England, October 25, 2018. / VCG Photo

An irony of the situation is that the US has actually done what accuses Huawei of doing. That's why many nations, including Washington's European Allies, are reluctant to embrace a fog anti-Huawei ban, even as Trump officials continue to throw the world's No. 1 telecom equipment maker so little more than "an indefinite surrogate for Beijing Intelligence Services. "

Despite the aura of awe-inspiring power, the neocon frees the fraction, Huawei will continue to make significant global break-ins with its fifth generation or 5G wireless technology. Trump can ban Huawei from the US and try not to present it as a mistake. But the global order will not blink.

Such analogies are always imperfect, yet there is space or high priority "missing" and "uncertainty" in any telecommunications network. Huawei's engineering practice is no exception.

These issues and deficiencies are manageable, certainly never reflective of Chinese hostility or willful. Any doubts should ask the UK and German risk agencies and officials who have indicated "they will reject a Huawei 5G ban."

For those trying to track global trends in telecommunications technology for the next decade or two, Trump's unwarranted campaign against Huawei is not just an embarrassment, it is a potential disaster for US telecommunications companies.

More generally, it would be an understatement to say that his failure to end the war is amputating not only the future but also future opportunities for many Chinese and American companies working together in new technologies.

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