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Why MacKenzie Bezos is a real hero of our age

A marriage can be bad. But at least you can have a good divorce.

For proof, just look at MacKenzie Bezos. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos has emerged from her split with the Amazon founder, not only as the fourth richest woman in the world, but also possibly the most gracious woman in the universe.

She tweeted on April 4 "gratefully for completing the process of resolving my marriage to Jeff with the support of each other and everyone who came out to us in goodness and looking forward to the next stage as co-parents. and friends. "

She went on to say that she would give him all her interests in The Washington Post and Blue Origin, as well as 75 percent of her Amazon shares and voting control of her shares. She then declared that she was "excited about my own plans. Grateful for the past, when I look forward to what comes next."

At a time when social media has enabled everyone to vent their dirty laundry with a Keystrokes ̵[ads1]1; and possibly parlay their anger in a book deal or television show – keeping private matters private seems almost charming.

When a Kardashian becomes unfaithful, she turns off an all-caps response on social media declaring, "You're the reason my family broke up!" as Khloe did to Jordyn Woods, his partner's partner.

Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa, the previously married stars "Flip or Flop", named their split in new franchises ("Christina on the Coast" and a not yet named Solo show for Tarek's premiere on HGTV.]

However, Taylor Swift has made almost every break in an attention-grabbing song.

Turns the heart into a merit, has become one of the crasser examples of the capitalist American culture 19659010] Lauren Sanchez "width =" 300 "height =" 200 "data-srcset =" 300w, /2019/04/lauren-sanchez-embed.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=640 640w, all & w = 1280 1280w, 600w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 300px "/> [19659010] Lauren Sanchez Getty Images

That makes MacKenzie's graciousness something of a refreshing surprise. Bezos & # 39; s had absolutely just as much reason to feel angry as some. After all, the man speculated on her with her neighbor, the lively Lauren Sanchez, and did so in a manner that made him ripe for ridicule, with leaky texts that referred to her poisonous love as "living girl" – a sentence so strange and funny. became an instant meme.

Adultery after 25 years of marriage would be furious enough. But MacKenzie also helped establish Amazon. She was one of the company's first employees. According to Business Insider, she negotiated the first shipping contracts for the company. The couple had no prenup, and if she had wanted it, she could have fought for half of her fortune and embarrassed hell out of his court.

At least MacKenzie could have said something smart and think about her ex in this situation. Remember Nicole Kidman quipping "Can I finally wear heels again" after Tom Cruise's divorce? MacKenzie could have made a crack so and we wouldn't have held it against her.

But she's not chosen. In fact, she has not been seen or heard since the divorce was announced.

And the only reason it may be that she is a woman with tremendous restraint and good taste. She must also be the kind of mother who wants to protect her four children from the atrocities of a public divorce.

In this she is something of an anomaly. While you think a few billion dollars could soften heartache – and it is estimated that MacKenzie left the 36 billion dollar divorce – that's not always the case.

Big money often seems to give even bigger, splashier and more terrible splits.

Just look at billionaire real estate agent Harry Macklowe, who in March refurbished a 42-foot banner by himself and his new wife on a building where his ex-wife bought an apartment. Perhaps this led to some laughs from Macklowe's friends, but to anyone who doesn't know him, it's just a reminder that money can't buy the class.

Last year, when the billionaires Sue and Bill Gross divorced, Six was reported that Sue had swapped a Picasso they owned with a copy to take the original. Meanwhile, Bill made dead fish in the home's air channels to stink it up before Sue took it in divorce.

MacKenzie can move on to new projects and new relationships with her head kept high and knew she was behaving with a level of dignity that is rarely seen today.
And though she may have been generous with him financially, Jeff Bezos is hopefully smart enough to know how much he's lost.

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