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Uber finally debuted Friday on the New York Stock Exchange, and completed his decade-long journey from start-up to a listed company.

So far, it has been a beginning with stocks that open at $ 42 down from the IPO price. The stock price fluctuates slightly below $ 44.

Thirteen people, including executives, former employees, drivers and customers, were on the balcony of the historic clock that opened the markets Friday. Remarkable absence was co-founder Garrett Camp and former CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick, who was deleted in June 201[ads1]7 from the company after a number of scandals around Uber's business practices.

Kalanick, who is still on the board and holds 8.6% ownership in Uber, was not part of the opening of bell ceremony. Kalanick and Camp were both on the NYSE for the event.

Here is who participated in the opening bell ceremony.

The Bell Ringer

Austin Geidt, who called the bell, was employed number four when she started as a trainee in 2010. is one of Uber's earliest employees.

Geidt came to Uber in 2010 and has since worked in a number of positions with the company. She suffered Uber's expansion into hundreds of new cities and dozens of new countries. Going now leads the strategy for Ubers Advanced Technologies Group, the unit that works with autonomous vehicles.


Managing Director Dara Khosrowshahi stood next to Geid at the opening of the market Friday. Khosrowshahi came to Uber in 2017 after Kalanick had agreed, and the board launched a comprehensive search for a leader who could change the culture of the company and prepare it for any IPO.

Khosrowshahi was CEO of Expedia before joining Uber. Khosrowshahi gave a one-year update of his time at Uber during TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2018.

Uber CTO Thuan Pham has been with the company since 2013. Prior to joining Uber, Pham was vice president of engineering at VMWare.

Rachel Holt, vice president and head of new mobility, was also present. Holt has worked in Uber since October 2011, when the company lived in only three cities. In May 2016, she became CEO and regional general manager of Uber's business in the US and Canada.

She was encouraged to head up new mobility in June 2018. She is responsible for the rebellion and embarkation of additional mobility services, including public transport integration, scooters, car rentals, and bicycles.

Rachel Holt. Getty Images

Other leaders included Pierre-Dmitry Gore-Coty and Andrew MacDonald, both Vice Presidents and Regional Directors of Uber, as well as Jason Droege, a Vice President, chairing Uber Eats.

Droege, who came to Uber in 2014, has the official title of leader of UberEverything. This is the team that created the food supplier Uber Eats, which now operates in 35 countries.


Uber had five drivers at hand for the opening bubble, representing different services and geographies.

Among the drivers were:

  • Jerry Bruner, a Los Angeles-based driver who is a military veteran and former professional golfer. Bruner has completed more than 30,000 Uber tours.
  • Tiffany Hanna, a military veteran, is based in Springfield, Missouri. Hanna is a truck driver using Uber Freight carrier app.
  • Jonelle Bain, a New York based driver . Uber, who shared the driver's bios, said that Bain takes coding classes and plans to become a software engineer.
  • Onur Kerey is a driver based on London. Kerey is deaf. According to his bio, " he doesn't allow his disability to get in the way of his passion for driving or connecting with others."
  • J. Alexander Palacio Sanchez is based in Australia and has been driven by Uber since 2015. According to Uber, his true passion is acting and on the request of his riders, he auditioned for Kevin's role in The Heights δΈ€ [19659028] and landed it.


A customer, Elise Wu, also participated in the opening bell. Wu owns Kampai, a family of restaurants in France that serves affordable food made available for delivery through Uber Eats.

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