Where to Get Free and Discounted Pizza Today for National Pizza Day

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It seems like it's a day for everything now, and today is National Pizza Day. While I would argue that pizza does not need a day dedicated to celebrating it, I am always concerned about an appointment, especially on food, and there are plenty of those who have to be today on everyone's favorite food.

Here is an overview of what many of the national chains are doing to celebrate the big day. Your local shops can also offer their own offers in addition to these.

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H & R Block

I had to kick this list with this because WHAT? Anyone who has their treasures, which is almost prepared today by H & R Block's Tax Pro Go, gets a free $ 10 Domino gift card to celebrate with pizza afterwards. Because nothing goes together quite like pizza and your treasures?

Chuck E Cheese

If you're on your way to Chuck E Cheese with kids today, upgrade your big pizza to an XL for free by telling them you want


You can Score a "Perfect Combo" deal today for $ 19.99, which includes 2 medium 1-top pizzas, 16-bit parmesan bread, 8-piece cinnamon and a 2-liter coke.

Hungry Howies

Get a great two-top pizza for $ 7.99 with the code LG799. You can also get a medium pizza for $ 1 when buying a large one-to-one regular pizza with the code MEDIUM1.


Yes, IHOP. The chain has launched a special "pizza" pancake in honor of today. Called Pancizza, it's really a massive pancake with toppings on it. You can get one delivered to your home in New York, Chicago, Dallas and LA for free via Doordash using the code PANCIZZA.

Little Caesars

Get a stuffed Pretzel Crust pizza for $ 9 or get Hot N- Papa John's

Papa John's offering pizza enthusiasts a medium one-top pizza for $ 6 with code CARRYOUT6 (even better – this lasts March to March 6)

Pizza Hut

You can get a big pizza at Pizza Hut today for $ 10.99 using the THANKYOU code at checkout.

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