When people saw a Facebook post shaming a man to sleep in McDonald's, they helped him get back on their feet

She criticized him for sleeping in public, saying that it was "not really" OK and ended the record with an angry emoji.
It turns out the man was 21 years old Simon Childs, a homeless father resting between his shifts at a McDonald's in Fayette County, Georgia. The man was not at the highest point in his life, as he recently lost his mother and had to take care of his young son.
"It hurts to see my picture up there, you know?" Childs told CNN affiliated WSB TV.

But when others saw the post, they decided to help Childs.

Some donated hotel rooms for him and his son to live in, according to WSB TV. And Childs later went to work to find donated diapers for her son, as well as other supplies and clothing. He also received a job offer.

Childs was surprised by the exhaustion of support for him.

"I thought there was something negative and no one would care about it," he said.

He said that there are no difficult feelings between him and the woman who posted about him.

"I'm not homeless, not now, thanks to her," Childs said.

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