WhatsApp founder encourages users to delete Facebook

Brian Acton is one of the great minds behind what we know as WhatsApp today. He and Jan Koum founded the company in 2009 and later sold it to Facebook in 2014 for $ 19 billion .

Now co-founder Brian Acton has made some shocking comments about Facebook. Acton, interacting with students at Standford University, criticized Facebook for their alleged commitment to selling users' data and not asking students to use Facebook.

"We give them the power. It's the bad part. We buy their products. We sign up for those sites. Delete Facebook, right?" Acton said

Co-founder disagreed with Facebook's CEO on revenue generation in WhatsApp and that led him to leave the company. Acton was opposed to showing ads in WhatsApp, he thought they could find a better alternative to making money from the app. According to him, ads inside Facebook involve deprivation of encryption that ultimately causes harm to users' privacy.

Acton also made a shocking revelation. The co-founder was not very keen on selling WhatsApp to Facebook, in fact if he was going on with Facebook or not, it was not up to him to decide. "I had 50 employees and I had to think about them and the money they would get from this sale. I had to think about our investors and I had to think about my minority share. I didn't have the full flap to say no if I wanted to," Acton

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