What should the crypto industry expect from regulators in 2022? Experts answer, part 1

Hatu is a co-founder and chief strategy officer of DAO Maker, which creates growth technologies and financing frameworks for start-ups and at the same time reduces the risk for investors.

“2021 has been a stop-start year for crypto and DeFi, as regulators have not clarified their position on the industry. This has kept the retail population from getting involved, and this is a major opportunity cost for the industry. But with El Salvador using Bitcoin as a legal tender and more countries embracing crypto, the future looks brighter.

In 2021, yes, there have been several considerations at various levels regarding crypto and its regulatory status. Governments and regulators around the world have expressed reservations about the mainstreaming of crypto. However, they also realize that the industry is maturing and at the moment is even too big to have a general ban.

I believe that blockchain technology must not be in the vicinity of the regulatory system, since technology and its applications replace the need for supervision. They bring much-needed facets such as openness and decentralization to the fore. Regulation of blockchain technology will only negatively affect our development as a society.

Apart from this, in 2022, I expect more acceptance on the regulatory front as crypto aims to revolutionize the financial system worldwide with DeFi. Crypto-intelligence is on the rise, and I expect it to be adopted by governments to protect their citizens.

Regulations are needed for crypto in 2022, but there are no restrictions. “

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