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What happens to Twitter Turf War over Tesla & Elon Musk?

24. June 2019 by Matt Pressman

Originally posted on EVANNEX .

Why has Twitter become such a battlefield over Tesla? Amit Katwala writes in Wired UK "There is no reason why a car company should be so divisive, but the fighting tribes of the Tesla fans and [Tesla haters] speak to human nature, the cult of celebrity and the polarizing influence of the social media echo chamber. "Others think it is going to get deeper. More about that in a moment.

Photo by Megan Gale used with permission.

"It's partly down to Musk himself who has built a strong cult of personality with his involvement in the high profile worlds of space travel and electric vehicles. … Musk's willingness to communicate honestly and directly stands in strong contrast with most CEOs, and this has helped attract a number of Tesla super fans, "says Katwala.

The 47-year-old Musk seems to be doing something right – he has been able to create four (yes, four) billion-dollar companies. Yet, according to Katwala, "critics, who gather under the hashtag $ TSLAQ (Q is a suffix usually used on the stock market abbreviations of companies that go bankrupt), are mainly aimed at the company's owner. They claim that Musk is a charlatan and that the whole business is built on a shaking basis. "

Some have gone to extremes. In a bit of intrigue, brother of a Volkswagen employee, Randeep Hothi (Twitter handle: skapooshka), according to legal documents, "sat down in the hunt, harassed [a Model 3] for about 35 minutes, took pictures and swung close enough to vehicles like the collision safety feature The court documents also accuse Hothi of being involved in a misconception with a Tesla security guard, whom Tesla says Hothi met with his car. "

Alex Roy, in The Drive is tired of the circumstances. As he or she, Elon Musk, "has delivered something older car manufacturers have largely forgotten: The dream. " Roy writes, "Tesla's dream is not a single specification. It's innovation … [meanwhile] almost All "innovations" from older car manufacturers are the result of Tesla forcing his hands. "Looking back," How many years did [legacy carmakers delay] seat belts? Airbags? Wireless updates? Integration of Google Maps? Smartphone integration? "

Photo by JRR , used with permission.

So, what's really behind this Tesla trolling? Jealous? Jealousy? Greed? Danny Leeds wonders in Lynxotic, "Isn't it surprising that everyone on the internet also doesn't seem to hate or love Elon Musk and Tesla?" He points to the Alligators – influencers (and / or underlings) from Big Auto, Big Oil, and others threatened. Leeds says, "Musk and Tesla represent an initial sign that these types of solitaire [trying] to suppress technological development can lose their jaw-hold on our world."

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Matt Pressman is about Tesla . He is a TSLA investor, ordered model 3, and loves to run the family model model S and model X company cars. As co-founder of EVANNEX, a family business specializing in aftermarket Tesla accessories, he has served as contributor / editor of Electric Vehicle University (EVU) and Owning Model S and Getting Ready for Model 3 books. He writes daily about Tesla, and you can follow his work on the EVANNEX blog.

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