What Ferrari learned from the Ferrari F50

Today is a historic day, like every day when a new flagship Ferrari is announced. In the line that goes back to the Ferrari 288 GTO, we now have a new top-of-the-marque member, Ferrari SF90 Stradale. A all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid is probably not the "road car" you expect. And the Ferrari F50 is probably the reason for that.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale has 986 hp and all-wheel drive

Ferrari SF90 Stradales specifications alone are staggering: 986 combined horsepower, maximum torque of

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288 GTO was originally Built for group B racing, and featured a V8 engine that had turbos attached, just as Ferrari F1 engines had turbos attached at that time. The Ferrari F40 also came with a turbocharged V8, and had body panels made of carbon fiber and kevlar, also as racing cars of the time.

But the Ferrari F50, which followed the F40, had to go a step further. It had to be stronger (it was), it had to be faster (it wasn't, at least not in a straight line), and it had to be racier . It couldn't just have a motorcycle "inspired" engine, it had to be as much of a motorcycle engine as possible.

Ut was turbochargers and V8, in a 4.7 liter 60-valve V12 with 512 horsepower. That they then bolted directly to the car's chassis.

Most cars do not have their engines attached to the vehicle in such a way, because attaching the engine to the chassis is very like attaching it directly to the driver's spine. The rear suspension was also attached to the transfer. That kind of thing is fine in a racing car, as car drivers are available and have a short durability in any case.

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Ferrari F50 was the last F1-Engined Road Car

Ferrari F50 is often remembered as a flop: it was slower than the car it replaced and for years …

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For the riches that bought it at that time, it was good because who doesn't love to say they just got a Race Car For The Road. People didn't mind the vibrations, driving experience or the fact that they had wind windows, because it was part of the fun that Jeremy Clarkson explained at the time:

But accelerate the clock A little more today, and of all the flagship Ferraris – 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo, LaFerrari and now SF90 – it can be said that the F50 is the least loved. Not that it is unloved itself, I would still shave my right nostril just to have one.

But it's not kept as high as the others. Here is Clarkson in 2013, talking about Ferrari F50 in Forza 5 :