What do CBS and Viacom Merger mean for PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Sling TV and others?

  man in prison suitcase This week we were told that CBS and Viacom have agreed to merge into a single company called ViacomCBS. This has raised many questions about what this means for services such as PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and Hulu. So today we want to address all the questions we have about the future of cord cutting in a ViacomCBS world.

In short, the good news for cord cutters is that nothing is going to change soon. CBS and the Viacom merger will take months if not a year or more to be official.

Even after the CBS and Viacom merger is complete, nothing will change overnight. CBS and Viacom both have contracts in place with services such as PlayStation Vue, Hulu and Sling TV that must be complied with before new contracts can be signed. As for AT&T, they have just renewed their contracts with both Viacom and CBS in recent months.

In the long term, the long-term impact on cord cutting will really come down to what the new ViacomCBS wants to do with the content. Recently, Viacom has shown its willingness to bring the content to several cable cutting services. If this continues, you can expect to see little change in the world of cord cutting.

In the long run, the most likely result here is to see Viacom and CBS programming on more live TV streaming services. You should also expect to see Viacom content come to CBS All Access and CBS content come to Pluto TV.

As always, it's best not to panic and wait for something to happen.

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