We saw the leaked note warning Blackstone employees not to leak to the press

  • Blackstone Group's media relations team sent a corporate board memo to staff who rebuked them for speaking to the media without prior approval.
  • Business Insider received a copy of the leaked email.
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The media contact team at one of the largest private equity companies in the world feels as if it has been left out in the cold.

In a corporate board memo sent Friday and viewed by Business Insider, Blackstone's communications team sent a warning to its employees: If you talk to the press, let us know.

"In recent weeks, public affairs has learned about several individuals who speak to the media without prior approval," the note states.

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Most major financial firms have similar policies, and hire well-staffed communications teams to control who who says what to whom about what.

The note said that the team's job was to "develop thoughtful, comprehensive responses for every article written" about the $ 545 billion company.

Attached to the memo was a copy of the company's media policy.

"Unauthorized communication with the media is a violation of firm policy and can also create serious problems for our organization," the note states.

A Blackstone spokesman told Business Insider: "This is a standard note we send each year to employees who remind them of our media policies ̵[ads1]1; which are consistent with those of virtually all major financial institutions and not at all noteworthy."

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