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We are canceling Black Friday for the best offers for Singles Day 2019 available now


11/11 Global Shopping Festival, or Singles Day for short, generates more online sales than Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Prime Day set together .

James Martin / CNET

With nearly $ 31 billion in retail sales last year alone, China's annual 24-hour 11/11 Global Shopping Festival is now bigger than Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and the weekend of between . Adobe Analytics predicts that this year's five-day Thanksgiving weekend will drive around $ 29 billion in retail sales, both online and in-store. So why have so few Americans even heard of Singles Day?

The story of the world's largest shopping day of the year begins with a much smaller, lonelier number – the number 1. The unofficial Chinese holiday celebrated every November 11 started as Singles Day in 1993, when students at Nanjing University in China's Jiangsu Province began to organize single parties that were meant to counteract the negative social stigma associated with loneliness. Since this was a holiday designed to bring singles together, they chose the date with the most 1 – 11/11 – to celebrate. And it only grew from there, especially after being supercharged by Chinese retailers Alibaba and JD in the recent online era – all the way down to including a gigantic Taylor Swift gig to boot.

So far, the attempt to internationalize the big shopping day has not passed – the date is Veterans Day in the United States, Armistice Day in Europe. But in the end it can come to semantics and SEO: Whether you call it Veterans Day sales, an early Black Friday sale or a Singles Day sale – a deal is it, right?

Best Singles Day 2019 Deals Available Now

Whether you call them sneakers, sneakers or tennis shoes, you can get 20% off many styles at Nike.com. The same goes for jackets, athletic wear and more.

Casper is the big dog in the online mattress arena, and the company offers a full 10% discount on any order that includes a mattress. Use the code COZY10.

Offer well now until November 11.

Reebok has released a special "Singles Day Collection" and it offers up to 60% of the items there with the code SIMPLE. [19659008] Offer good now until November 11.

OK, this one is labeled on their site as an "early Black Friday sale." But anyway, it looks like you get 11% off any scooter, treadmill, elliptical machine or anything else in Horizon's inventory.

Offer good now until 11 November.

As you can tell from the discount code, this is really a Veterans Day sale that does double work for Singles Day. But be aware that Isotones are not just gloves – the site offers many other clothing and accessories for men and women.

Offering the good now until November 11th.

Jurlique has a wide range of skin care, bath soaps and body lotion products, and the shop bends into Singles Day with 30% or more off orders of $ 45 and up with code GLOW.

Offer is valid until November 12.

Starting on Sunday, November 10,

Looking for sheets, bedding and bath accessories or other home clothes? Get 15% off something on the Brookline, with no minimum purchase.

Begins Sunday, 10 a.m. (7 p.m. ET), concludes Monday, 11:59 p.m. ET (8:59 p.m. PT).

If you're looking for American soaps and baths for men and women, Spongelle is the place. Look for items discounted to $ 11.

48-hour sale starts early Sunday, ends late Monday.

From Monday, November 11

Coming back soon for more sales.

How Singles Day became so big in China

However, as many non-commercial festivals have since been co-opted by retail, Singles Day's marketing potential did not last so long. In 2009, Daniel Zhang, CEO of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, triggered what would soon become a raging inferno of consumer demand when he rebranded Singles Day as the 11/11 Global Shopping Festival. By prices of everything from clothing and jewelry to appliances and electronics set in just 24 hours – and caused over two dozen other retailers to do the same – transformed Zhang Singles Day from a relatively unclear campus tradition for a revenue-generating juggernaut almost overnight.

Now, ten years later, the number of participating suppliers has increased from the original 27 merchants to over 180,000 Chinese and international brands. Provided the event continues its double-digit trend year-on-year, Singles Day will set another world record for same-day sales, possibly close to or even exceeding $ 40 billion.


Black Friday online sales reached $ 6.22 billion dollars in 2018, but Singles Day had sales of nearly $ 31 billion in sales.

James Martin / CNET

In comparison, last year's Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday respectively grossed $ 6.22 billion and $ 7.8 billion in online sales. Amazon does not disclose exact sales figures for Prime Day, but the company reported that gross revenue from 2019's 48-hour event exceeded the dealer's figures for 2018's Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Although it is difficult to compete with the purchasing power of China's 1.4 billion inhabitants brings to Singles Day.

Largest Sales No One Has Heard About

Yet despite Single & # 39; s Day status as the reigning king of one-day shopping events, there are a remarkable few of the more than 1.5 billion sales transactions which was addressed on Singles Day, which originated outside Asia. Although Alibaba's CEO has expressed a desire to expand participation globally in recent years, Western merchants and consumers have not been quick to jump on board. According to Adobe Analytics, only about 24% of US retailers say they plan to promote Singles Day campaigns this year.

One possible obstacle in the United States at least is that Singles Day falls on an already deeply entrenched American holiday: Veterans Day. Not only do some US retailers already have veterans Day sales, solemnity and patriotism most Americans associate with Veterans Day, do not exactly match the lush consumerism and sinocentric origins of the 11/11 Global Shopping Festival. (The same is the case in Europe where the day was commemorated as the truce, the end of World War I.)

  saving-money-shopping-online.jpg Chapter19659039strongsaving-money-shopping-online.jpg Chapter19659032strongMost of the action on Black Friday is in brick and mortar stores, but Singles Day, like Cyber ​​Monday, is first and foremost an online shopping event. [19659003] Alina Bradford / CNET

How to Find Singles Day Deals in the United States

That said, participation is slowly expanding, and several companies that are either based or operating in the United States are already announcing discounts and sales for the Singles Day theme. Unlike many sellers who offer Black Friday deals, singles day dealers often start advertising discounted rates in advance of the sale day, so you can browse through the days and weeks leading up to Singles Day and then complete your purchase on November 11 . .

Note that some of the sales hosted by dealers based in China may be limited to the 24-hour period beginning at midnight November 11 at Beijing time, which is 08:00 PT on November 10.

eBay's Brand Outlet Offers 20% Off

Earlier this year, eBay launched a store-within-one concept called Brand Outlet. It has big name brands like Adidas, Cuisinart, Dyson, Ray-Ban and more. Now through November 11, the promotional code JUMBO20 will apply 20% off all items added to your cart from Brand Outlet.

  screenshot-2019-11-07-at-12-57-00-pm.png [19659048] screen-shot-2019-11-07-at-12-57-00-pm.png ” height=”0″ width=”1092″/>

AliExpress is an English-language shopping site run by Chinese retailer Alibaba, whose CEO started the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in 2009.

AliExpress / Screenshot by Dale Smith / CNET

The store that started it all: AliExpress

The vast majority of Singles Day discounts available to shoppers will be offered by two retail outlets, one of which is AliExpress, the English-language website run by Chinese retailer Alibaba. The sale begins at midnight PT on November 11.

Apart from a few well-known manufacturers such as Huawei, SanDisk and Anker, most of the brand names you see on AliExpress will be unknown to Americans. But if you're okay with taking a chance on products made by companies with names like Yi, Bluedio, Mifa and Amazfit – and have the patience to wait a few weeks for a half-world shipment to go – you can score deals such as wireless earbuds for under $ 13, 4K action cameras for under $ 32, or video door clocks under $ 22 – and that's just the usual, daily prices. Expect even deeper discounts on Singles Day.

China's largest seller, English edition: Joybuy

China's largest retailer, JD.com, was the second company to join Alibaba to promote Singles Day as the 11/11 Global Shopping Festival and is the second of the two primary directories that offer Singles Day sales to American consumers through the English-language website Joybuy. Joybuy adheres to Beijing time, so sales will begin at 8 a.m. Nov. 10 and run through 6 p.m. 07:59 PT November 11 in the United States.

  screenshot-2019-11-07-at-1-19-13-pm.png [19659057] screen-shot-2019-11-07-at-1-19-13-pm.png ” height=”0″ width=”1092″/>

JoyBuy .com, an English-language trading site run by Chinese mega retailer JD.com, announces Singles Day sales prices in advance of November 11.

Screenshot of Dale Smith / CNET

Compared to AliExpress, JoyBuy tends to stock a few more well-known brands, such as Phillips, Whirlpool and Lenovo, and generally it appears that the items available on the site are of slightly higher quality, but prices reflect this difference, and shifts much closer to similar items available on Amazon or eBay. However, discounts on Singles Day can change that equation, so it's worth keeping an eye on JoyBuy.com as Singles Day approaches.

Late on the game, but still a key player: Amazon

Although Amazon has set up a singles day landing page that specifically mentions clothing, shoes and jewelry, the self-proclaimed "everything store" has not yet populated it with all the actual Singles Day-specific offers. At the moment if you click on the Amazon Singles Day link, everything is a list of products "Related to items you've viewed" and "Gift ideas inspired by your shopping history", presumably this is where Amazon will highlight Singles Day deals as they become available.

Last year's singles day deals we might see again

  • Happy Socks: Last year, 30% offered gift boxes and free shipping on all orders that include a gift box.
  • Occitane: Last year $ 11 offered beauty duos and a free 11-piece makeup set with all purchases of $ 111 or more.
  • Urban Outfitters: Last year, 11% offered everything on the site.
  • Totokaelo: Last year, 11% offered on selected items.

Originally posted earlier, updated with a full slate of recent sales.


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