Waymo offers free music and WiFi to make their driverless taxis stand out

The features currently being tested in Waymo cars in the greater Phoenix area include free Wi-Fi and music streaming, Reuters reports. The music is delivered through Google Play Music and does not have ads. Users can listen to pre-selected playlists or listen to their own playlists by connecting their Waymo and Google Play Music accounts.

The Wi-Fi service is currently only available to a small subset of users who have been banned from discussing their experience publicly. Waymo says it will give riders the opportunity to work on your tablet or computer, especially when it comes to offering longer distance tours.

Other Benefits Waymo is trying to include air conditioning to keep your vehicles exactly 72 degrees, which is certainly a big plus during the Arizona summer, and the installation of a child seat in each vehicle to make the service more inviting to families. There are also charging cables available to charge the user's devices.

However, the major advantage of a Waymo ride may be consistency. Each vehicle is the same make, model and design, so users can rely on knowledge of each ride, as opposed to Uber rides, which can vary greatly depending on the driver.

Although Waymo rider has a driver in the habit in case of emergency, these drivers do not speak to passengers. For riders looking for peace and quiet, the lack of human interaction can be a strong selling point.

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