Watch a Pack of Boston Dynamics' Creepy Robot Dogs Pull and Truck

Dog Squad

Step aside, reindeer – robot

An ominous video titled "Mush, Spot Mush!" Posted on YouTube Tuesday, robot maker Boston Dynamics showed off the sheer strength of its SpotMini quadripedal robot died. The clip shows 10 specialized Spotmini derivatives called Spotpower hauling a box truck across a parking lot – and at a one degree incline.

The robot maker announced in 2018 that it will start selling SpotMini robot dogs to the public this year. The 66 pound robot can climb stairs, cross a wide variety of different terrain and carry 31[ads1] pounds.

Spot, the Red-Nosed Reindog

Potential applications range from home use to private security. The caption of today's video announced that the Spotpower model will be sold to the public for a range of applications soon.

What exactly will look like and how much a spotpower will go for is still unclear. But it's an incredible feat of strength and agility that sets the bar for future commercial robots.

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