Warren hits back on Jamie Dimon after he suggests & # 39; she is vilifying successful people & # 39;

The Hopeful White House Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Ann WarrenOvernight Health Care: GOP Georgia Governor Proposes Limited Medicaid Expansion | Sanders calls the "Medicare for All" plan "more progressive" than Warren's |. | Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks Abortion Procedure Law On The Money: Dow hits record high | Optimism in trade lifts markets | Appeals court upholds NY prosecutor's motion for Trump's tax return Crystal Ball rips & # 39; utterly embarrassing & # 39; CNN report comparing Buttigieg to Obama MORE (D-Mass.) Fired back at JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Tuesday after casting her for using rhetoric that he said "vilifying successful people." [1[ads1]9659004] "It's very simple: Jamie Dimon and his buddies succeed in part because of the opportunities, the workforce and public services that we all paid for. It's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed, "Warren tweeted.

" The fact that they have reacted so strongly – so angry! – being asked to check in more tells you everything you need to know. The system works well for wealthy and well connected, and Jamie Dimon doesn't want it to change. I'm going to fight to make sure it works for everyone. "

Warren, a solid progressive, has thrown his campaign as an attempt to govern in financial profits from large corporations and reducing income and wealth disparities across the country. Her proposals, including calling for a "wealth tax" on individuals earning more than $ 50 million, have earned her the mockery of business executives.

pretty harsh words, you know, some would say vilify successful people, "Dimon told CNBC." I don't like to ruin anyone. I think we should applaud successful people. "

In addition to wealth tax, Warren has made taxing wealthy individuals and corporations a centerpiece to help pay for several of her more comprehensive proposals.

" The road to hell is paved with good intentions when it comes to politics, "Dimon said. "Many government programs have been unsuccessful failures, and we should recognize that both problems must be solved and that solutions did not work. Let's try something else."

Warren has repeatedly dismissed concerns that her progressive policies might turn off some major ones dollar donors who can typically support Democratic candidates.

"I'm fighting for an economy and a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected," Warren said last month regarding a CNBC report citing anonymous donors. "I'm not afraid of anonymous quotes, and wealthy donors are not allowed to buy this process. I will not back down from fighting for the great structural change we need. "

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