Want to buy a Huawei phone now?

For the past week, Huawei has dominated the news. Unexpected consequences of the US government's decision to prevent US companies from selling products to the Chinese giant continues to percolate, as various parts of Huawei's complex supply chain web reveal how the decision affects them. Although a temporary 90-day delay for the import ban is in effect, it is not a permanent solution. With the things they stand for, would you consider buying a Huawei phone?

If you've been out of the loop, Huawei was recently hit by a couple of bans in the states that prevent US telecommunications companies from using their equipment, and which further prevent US companies from selling components to Huawei. Side effects of this include future Huawei devices that lose access to the Play Store, a loss of component vendors, the company's draft from key groups and a potential loss of both Bluetooth and ARM licensing ̵[ads1]1; the latter two do not have many solutions.

Although these changes may not have a drastic effect on current products, the future is a question. Huawei's potential Android alternative is at best months still, and we have not yet seen how the decision can ultimately affect today's devices.

Much can change over the next 90 days, and this can all end up blowing over before it has any long lasting consequences. Huawei's P30 Pro and Honor 20 Pro were among the most tempting latest releases before the news exploded, but it may have changed since then. Want to consider buying a Huawei phone now?

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