Walmart will exchange you a gift card for your old car seat

NEW YORK (CNN) – Walmart partners with TerraCycle – a global waste management company working with consumer manufacturing companies, retailers, cities and plants to recycle "hard to recycle" products and packaging – to offer the nation's largest car recycling event, with almost 4,000 Walmarts participating across the country.

People participating in the program will receive a $ 30 gift card to Walmart for trading their old car seats. The program began Monday and runs through September 30 in celebration of National Baby Safety Month.

TerraCycle founder and CEO Tom Skazy expects to "divert the plastic equivalent of about 35 million water bottles from landfills."

"Through the Walmart Car Seat Recovery Program, traditionally non-recyclable car seats are now nationally recyclable," Szaky said. "We are proud to partner with this forward-thinking company to offer coast-to-coast families a way to give their car seat, the item that has kept their little ones safe, a new life."

Using a material dismantling model to recycle the car seat, TerraCycle will work with subcontractors around the country to take the car seats apart and separate them according to their components. Once dismantled, the company will use each component to be refined into a usable raw material to produce new products.

All the work will be done in the United States, and none of the car seat materials will make it garbage-filled or burned, said Brett Stevens, TerraCycle's global vice president of sales and procurement materials.

"Safety – especially car seat safety – is a top priority for Walmart's Baby Department, so we wanted to use our size and scale to create an event that offered exceptional access to trading in a grown car car for a gift card – perfect for baby's use next car seat, "said Walmart Baby Vice President Melody Richards. "Sustainability is just as important to Walmart, so we are excited to partner with TerraCycle to recycle all components of the car seats."

While this is not the first time TerraCycle has worked with Walmart, this is the first time the two companies have joined forces to offer Walmart's first national car seat recovery program.

"The mission of TerraCycle is to eliminate the idea of ​​waste by collecting and recycling traditionally non-recyclable materials," Stevens told CNN. "Anytime we can team up with a retailer or consumer goods company to raise awareness of the fact that these everyday items can see a different life, we're excited to be involved."

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