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Twitter’s e-commerce initiatives now include livestream shopping and Walmart will be the first retailer to test the new platform. Over the past year, Walmart has invested in live shopping by hosting events across social platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, and will soon make its debut on Twitter’s first ever affordable livestream. On November 28, Walmart will launch a Cyber ​​Deals live event on Twitter, where users will be able to watch a live broadcast, shop the featured products and participate in the conversation around the event by posting tweets.

The live stream will start at 7pm ET on November 28, 2021, and will allow Walmart customers to shop from Twitter as well as a variety of other platforms, including, and the retailer̵[ads1]7;s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts. The musician-who became the creator Jason Derulo will host the livestream, where he will introduce the audience to offers in electronics, home goods, clothing, seasonal decor and more during a 30-minute variation show. Surprise special guests will also drop by, says Walmart.

Walmart to be the first retailer to test Twitter’s new livestream trading platform – TechCrunch

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Walmart has expanded its support for livestream shopping throughout 2021. It hosted its first available livestream in December last year when it worked with TikTok on the Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular event, shortly after the planned investment in the video app fell through. (Walmart was interested in a TikTok deal following Trump’s executive order that would have forced a sale of TikTok’s US operations. But Trump’s order was blocked by the courts.)

The first TikTok live event turned out to be successful, Walmart said at the time, after delivering 7 times more views than expected. It also helped Walmart increase its TikTok follower base by 25%. Although the retailer did not specify the sales revenue the event provided, it ran a second TikTok livestream shopping event just a few months later.

While Walmart’s bid for TikTok had signaled the retailer’s interest in live, social e-commerce, it also saw potential outside of TikTok. Over the past year, Walmart has expanded livestream shopping testing to include other platforms. To date, Walmart has hosted more than 15 livestream events across five platforms, including its own website.

These live trading initiatives will now include Twitter, which is revealing today its new livestream shopping platform to the public.

Twitter says the Walmart Cyber ​​Deals livestream will serve as the first test of Live Shopping on Twitter in the United States

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This new platform expands Twitter’s existing shopping products and livestream features.

It will include a live broadcast that streams at the top of a Live Event page, followed by a Shopping banner and Shop tab where the products displayed in the live stream are displayed. Twitter users will be able to switch back and forth between the “Latest” tab and the “Shop” tab during the event while previewing the products. When consumers want to make a purchase, they are directed to the retailer’s website in a browser in the app where the livestream will continue to be broadcast. That way, users will not miss anything under the checkout, Twitter says.

At the bottom of the Live Event page, there is also a text box where consumers can tweet about the live stream with a suggested hashtag.

“We are honored to have Walmart on board as the first brand ever to host a Live Shopping event on Twitter. Walmart is known for giving customers an immersive look at their products, and we’re excited to bring this experience to Twitter with them, while helping them reach their business goals, “said Sarah Personette, Twitter’s Customer Manager, in a statement. “This is just the first of many Live Shopping events we hope brands will be able to bring to market, and we can not wait for people to see, chat and shop – through Twitter,” she added.

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The livestream trading platform builds on Twitter’s previous testing of a store module, launched in July, which gave brands, businesses and retailers a way to showcase their products directly on their Twitter profiles. The test was intended to better understand whether there was a demand for shopping on Twitter, and had included a handful of pilot partners as a game retailer GameStop and travel label Arden Cove, among others.

Walmart said they were interested in testing Twitter’s new capabilities because it consistently sees high returns on top- and mid-funnel content on Twitter’s platform, making it a natural next step for Walmart’s exploration of social commerce.

The new Twitter livestream event represents the start of a major boost to live shopping during the 2021 holiday season for Walmart. The company says it has over 30 affordable livestream events planned on eight social and media platforms, including BuyWith, BuzzFeed, Facebook, IGN, TalkShopLive, Tasty, Twitter and YouTube. (TikTok was not listed, but Walmart told us they work closely with the TikTok team on future purchase livestreams.)

“Twitter continues to be an important platform for Walmart’s business and our customers,” said William White, Marketing Manager at Walmart US. first Livestream Shopping event on Twitter. We meet customers where they are and make it easier to shop for incredible offers and find inspiration through dynamic, interactive experiences. We look forward to continuing to bring engaging experiences to our customers that allow them to shop seamlessly while being entertained, he added.

After the first test of Live Shopping with Walmart, Twitter says it will begin testing a new way to house merchant onboarding and product catalog management tools through an interface called “Twitter Shopping Manager.” This will simplify the process of getting started with Shopping on Twitter, the company says. It also plans to make Store module available to more retailers in the coming weeks.

Twitter told TechCrunch that it does not require a cut in e-commerce revenue delivered through Live Shopping, nor are brands paying to be included. But offering live shopping on Twitter can entice more users to join the platform, which has historically struggled with increasing consumer adoption.

The live event will be available on Twitter on iOS and desktop in the US, starting November 28 at. 19:00 ET / 16: 00 PT.

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