Walmart, CVS Health hammer out new PBM pharmacy network deal

On Friday, CVS Health and Walmart said the world's largest retailer would remain part of CVS's commercial and Medicaid pharmacy network. A contract-suppressing CVS was announced that was published earlier this week.

Financial terms for the new contract were not disclosed.

On Tuesday, CVS said the companies did not agree on pricing, and that Walmart left the pharmacy network for prescription drug plans managed by CVS for companies and health insurance companies, and for the Medicaid low-income program.

The companies said on Tuesday that they were still in discussions.

In addition to retail pharmacies and shops, CVS is one of the country's largest pharmacy managers and, after purchasing Aetna, one of the largest health insurance companies. Its prescription plans for the Medicare population were unaffected by the contract dispute which was its Sams Club agreements.

Senior Managing Director Sean Slovenski of Walmart described the terms as "fair and fair" in a press release.

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