Wall Street analysts respond to Netflix's income statement

Shares in the streaming giant died 9 percent for a long time after trading, but on Wednesday morning they had resembled losses to just over 1 percent.

In a letter to investors, Hastings also said he did not was concerned about rival's new streaming services.

Concerns about churn are overblown according to analysts at UBS. "Chill about Netflix churn fears," said analyst Eric Sheridan.

"We see NFLX as a top choice because it capitalizes on the ability to be the global leader in streaming media and competitive moat around its business expands (via a mix of content, marketing, & scale)," Sheridan ad ded.

"NFLX's first-quarter results may be controversial for some ̵[ads1]1; mostly because of the light in the second quarter [subscription] – but we find there is much more to it than not," said Doug Anmuth, analyst, JP Morgan. to clients after the report. "We continue to believe that Disney + will not be a major threat to NFLX subscriber numbers given NFLX's quality and quantity of content, and that Netflix / Disney + will not be one or a decision."

There is still room for stocks to go higher, Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry said.

"As Netflix's content investments, distribution partnerships and marketing expenses drive subscriber growth significantly above consensus expectations, and the company is approaching an inflection point in cash profitability, we believe NFLX shares will continue to materialize

The reaction of Credit Suisse analysts was a little worse.

"Overall, while not the net load was many, hoped, we believe that outlook comments were quite bullish, especially record first half-paid net additions in light of record price increases, revenue growth accelerating the next quarters, and a very strong second half content slate , "analyst Doug Mitchelson said.

Here's what other analysts think about Netflix's income statement:

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