Walgreens to sell CBD products in almost 1500 pharmacies, the report says


Beauty fans will try something at least once.

Walgreens will start selling CBD creams, stains and sprays in nearly 1,500 stores in selected states, CNBC reported Wednesday. The news comes in a week after CVS announced that some of its stores will sell CBD current products.

CBD, a hemp-derived cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis becoming increasingly common.

"This product offering is in line with our efforts to offer a wider range of available health and wellness products and services to best meet our customers' needs and preferences," said Walgreens spokesman Brian Faith to CNBC.

Walgreens will sell cannabis-based products in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana, CNBC reported. Walgreens refused to specify which brands it would carry.

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Walgreens officials did not respond immediately to the US g to get comments on Wednesday.

Cannabis-based products gained a significant boost in December when President Donald Trump signed on a $ 867 billion farm bill that gave a green light to the hemp to be grown on a large scale.

Unlike marijuana, another cannabis species, hemp, has almost none of the psychoactive compounds that make a user become tall. Now that a controlled substance is no longer labeled, several companies have the ability to make hemp-based products, from tinctures to lotions.

CVS introduced CBD ingredients, including creams and ointments, into stores in seven states earlier in March

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