Walgreens, CVS and Wegmans ask customers not to carry guns in their stores

"We support the efforts of individuals and groups working to prevent firearms, and are continually reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure our stores remain a safe environment," CVS said in a statement.

All retailers will still allow law enforcement officers to openly carry firearms.

Companies have faced increasing pressure to take measures to prevent firearms following a mass shooting in recent weeks, including one inside a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.
Gun control lawyers applauded the move to stop allowing open carry in store locations after Walmart announced its new policy Wednesday. Walmart also announced that it would end some arms and ammunition sales, and would start pushing elected officials to adopt tighter gun laws.

Kris Brown, president of the Brady United law firm, said the move from Walmart is "basically to tell the NRA that logic doesn't support what they have said ̵[ads1]1; this" good guy with a gun "idea is obvious untrue."

The NRA has repeatedly stated that law-abiding citizens with guns are the best protection against "the bad guys with guns." It issued a statement opposing Walmart's decision Wednesday.

Wegmans said in its statement Thursday that the policy is intended to keep customers and employees safer, and to help them feel more comfortable in stores.

"The sight of someone with a gun can be alarming, and we don't want anyone to feel that way about Wegmans," the company said.

Watts said that in addition to keeping employees and customers safer, asked customers not to open guns in their stores, these dealers put on a new side of the gun debate.

"Banning open carry sends a very strong cultural signal that companies support family safety," Watts said. "They know that customers are with them on this … they want to be on the right side of the story, but they also know that these actions are good for the business."

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