Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion is an electric car that goes 300 miles

The latest addition to Volkswagen's upcoming range of electric vehicles was just unveiled at the LA Auto Show in 2019, and it's an EV wagon called ID Space Vizzion. Shown only in concept form, VW says the final production version will squeeze 300 miles of EPA-estimated range out of an 82 kWh battery, even though the company has not driven the car through any real EPA testing yet. VW said it could come to the United States in 2022.

ID Space Vizzion is, perhaps not surprisingly, a more spacious variant of the ID Vizzion sedan concept that VW showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 201[ads1]8. Sitting on massive 22-inch wheels , the car measures 195.2 inches long – a good 10 inches longer than the 2020 Tiguan SUV, and nearly as long as the 198.3-inch Atlas SUV.

The new concept car is the seventh entry to the ID lineup (or the eighth if you count VW's ID R car), all built on the same modular electric vehicle platform. In addition to the standard Vizzion sedan, VW debuted the first production car of this series (a Golf-style hatchback known as ID 3) and showcased concept versions of a large SUV (ID Roomzz), a crossover SUV (ID Crozz), a dune buggy (ID Buggy), and a refurbished version of its iconic bus (ID Buzz), for which VW has also promised a delivery variant.

(The dedication to the letter z is really something, but VW has also changed how it styles the "ID" part of the nomenclature since the first vehicles were revealed. The lineup was originally referred to as "ID" before VW began referring to Golf – place the vehicle as "ID.3." The company also added an extra space to the name of the race car and this new concept – "ID. R" and "ID. Space Vizzion, respectively" as we hold the period … will only go with "ID" From here on out.)

As far as performance goes, the VW ID Space Vizzion says it is powered by an electric motor on the rear axle which can generate about 275 horsepower. The company also says it is considering offering a four-wheel-drive version , with an extra electric motor on the front axle that will increase the total horsepower to 355 hp.

ID Space Vizzion's main attraction on the inside is a 15.6-inch touchscreen. Another smaller screen sits behind the wheel, though VW says that the most important driving info The ration will be projected via augmented reality on the windshield. Above all this is a panoramic glass roof. This is an increasingly common design choice in the premium segment, although VW has separated it by including a sliding and tilting section, which will give customers the best of both worlds between traditional sunroofs and the more modern glass tube roofs.

Like the Ford Mustang Mach-E unveiled earlier this week, ID Space Vizzion avoids traditional door handles in favor of a more futuristic approach. As the driver approaches the car, touch pads light up on ID Space Vizzion's doors. Opening a door requires a touch on one of these touch pads, which will also flash and vibrate to confirm the action. VW says this choice was partly made to help with aerodynamics, so the company could squeeze every bit of the range out of the battery as much as possible. The same goes for the wheels that VW struck on the concept, which have turbo-style "aero flaps" that keep the air flowing smoothly past the car while driving at speed.

As VW sails toward electric vehicles and away from Dieselgate, the company is also beginning to spice up increasingly sustainable interiors. The ID Space Vizzion concept features seats, door trim and armrests all made by "AppleSkin", a material made from "apple juice residue," and using chrome-like paint instead of actual chrome. [19659010] If all this is not enough to get you where you are going, VW has packed the concept car with a one-mile solution: two electric long boards built into the trunk. We've seen car manufacturers include skateboards and scooters in the past, but the specific inclusion of longboards feels like an obvious nod to the storage space and practicality that VW will try to market with this vehicle when it goes into production next year. 19659011]

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