Violence at Popeyes Restaurants Escalates ::

– In the days after a man was stabbed to death at a Popeye's chicken restaurant in Maryland, violent incidents have been reported elsewhere in the country.

A man was recorded in a video from his cellphone that struck a woman following an argument in a Popeye's line at Opry Mills mall in Nashville, Tenn., Friday.

That incident followed a Popeyes employee punching a 55-year-old woman in the ground after an argument at a Columbia, Tenn., Argument. The woman sustained six broken ribs, a broken kneecap and a broken arm.

"We're just at such a fast pace of life, and we don't want anything to interrupt that pace, and that's when anger is our quick answer," said Scott Reeder, a Tennessee anger management specialist.

Anger is a response to either a real or perceived injustice, Reeder said, noting that customers often go to restaurants expecting staff to be meaningful, an order to be messed up, or wrong change to be handed out .

"We're already addressing it with this kind of ready-made answer from: & # 39; If I have to, I'll take care of the business, & # 39; you know?" he said.

Reeder said people just aren't as connected as we used to be. His advice: slow down and show some compassion.

"Often we just react, and then we retreat, and then we rethink, and there is usually a lot of regret," he said.

He said he learns the value of time outs in his classes ̵[ads1]1; a chance to go back, think about your action, and then decide what to do.

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