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Vince McMahon didn't seem to worry about Ronda Rousey leaving

Brand before everything else is how WWE has built its business.

So it should come as no surprise that when the WWE leader Vince McMahon is pushed for the future of the current Raw Women champion Ronda Rousey, he answers with a starting answer.

Today (February 7) on WWE's fourth-quarter earnings call with investors, McMahon was asked if Rousey left WWE after just being in the campaign for a year, the chairman would mark the signing as a success or failure. [19659004] "Again, we can bring people in from outside to our environment. It can't be just a one-time thing because the audience realizes that it's not going to push the envelope as far as their enjoyment of what we do. Bringing Ronda in gives us more visibility on the initiative to reach more women, and when you do that, you can't just use Ronda's platform from another niche to get into WWE, and Ronda itself is a brand of WWE. There is a different Ronda than what you saw before when it comes to the UFC and things of that nature. "

McMahon continued

" When you put talent, rubbing talent against Ronda, Ronda can help us to do talent, and she is doing just that, she knows how to do it, she is one of the brightest people we have ever done business with, and the fact that she is adapted to the WWE culture so fast is really a fantastic Greetings to her as a practitioner and as a human being mme in and out, and when they do so as long as we know what these dates are, we plan around it. "

A Diplomatic and Some Expected Answer.

Before 201

9 Royal Rumble began reporting that Rousey could leave WWE after WrestleMania 35 . WWE was forced to comment on Rousey's future

WWE has invested a lot of resources in Rousey since its debut at 2018 Royal Rumble . To see all of WWE's marketing drops, smoke up after just over a year , it might be a tough pill for someone to swallow.

Thoughts on Vince McMahon's response to Ronda Rousey, which tells WWE earlier rather than later?

(H / T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)

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