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Video shows young boy riding a luggage conveyor belt at Atlanta Airport – Story

– Officials at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday released the video of a young boy's adventure after finding their way to the airport's luggage transport system.

The video shows the film young boy who came into the delimited area through the Spirit counter which is located on the North terminal on Monday afternoon. From there, security cameras follow the boy as he rides on the conveyor system, at some point, and crawls over his luggage in an attempt not to go through the high-powered X-ray machines.

Finally, the boy finds the way into the TSA screen room, with sensational agents, who made them jump from their assigned seats and run to the little child's help. The agents draw the boy from the belt and are seen as comforting him.

The child incurred a few scrapes and an injury to an arm, but seemed unpacked by the incident based on the surveillance video.

Spirit issued the following statement on Tuesday with reference to the incident:

" Spirit Airlines is aware of an incident at Hartsfield Jackson Intl where a child unattended went past a portion of our ticket desk that was not manned or open by the child managed to access a luggage area via a sack belt and got some injuries.

" We are currently working with TSA and airport officials to ensure that all protocols were followed. We want the child the best in recovery. "

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