Video show woman suffers attacks on United flights from Houston


A United Airlines flight from Houston continued at its destination in Ohio despite the fact that a woman had a dramatic attack on board.

The sample was taken on video with another passenger hopping to help the woman.

According to Amy Hammon, who registered the incident, she could not let the moment be undocumented. She caught the man's rush from his seat when he saw the woman seem to fight for her life.

"He said he heard something behind him who did not hear right in her breathing." Hammon remembered.

From that moment the man kneeled off the woman for a full two-hour flight. The woman was said to fall in and out of consciousness.

"I must have heard him say 200 times," Come on, you must breathe, "Hammon said.

Retired Delta pilot Larry Pullen said an emergency landing is per pilot's per airline regulation, but policy varies from carrier .

On Monday night, Republic Airlines, who operated the flight to United, announced a statement as a result of the incident:

"The safety of our customers is our first and highest priority. Regarding the medical event on board our 3466 flight this weekend, the decision to proceed to the plane's destination was made by our crew who did the right thing to work with medical personnel on board, with our medical service provider and with input from the passenger. Had it been the judgment of the medical professionals that another measure was specified, we would have followed this recommendation immediately.

"We are grateful that one of our passengers who helped respond to their fellow passengers' situation, including the many medical professionals on board who volunteered their services when asked."

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