Video captures Tesla Model S Plaid being dragged through the Nürburgring

In the midst of Tesla's much-awaited return to the Nürburgring race track in western Germany, video has circulated of both Model S P100D + vehicles running during an attempt to beat the record set by the company's flagship since last month.

After running several sessions in September with the Model S Plaid variant, the Silicon Valley-based electric car manufacturer installed a permanent Supercharger on the Nürburgring, strengthening the company's return to the famous German runway. The already impressive statistic Model S ran on "Green Hell" last month was something to build on. Tesla had tweeted shortly after leaving Germany and stated that they would use the data they had collected to improve the time they had registered. The multiple data points the company shared in this tweet were related to the vehicle's mechanical power and longitudinal acceleration.

Tesla believes the Model S P1[ads1]00D + can run at least 15 seconds faster than the original calculated time of 7:20 with the extra aerodynamic parts they have added.

The new body style Tesla brought to the track suggests that they had gathered a few issues related to resistance, handling and strengthening with the old prototype. Tesla has added a spoiler and diffuser at the rear, as well as front panel copper. All of these new additions have certain responsibilities in terms of vehicle aerodynamic performance. The spoiler and diffuser will effectively displace unfavorable air from the vehicle. The diffuser is extremely crucial for handling and forcing, as it will move air from the underside of the vehicle at an improved speed. Although crucial for air displacement, the quarter removes the brakes.

The video shows the two Model S P100D + vehicles navigating through the Nürburging facility, as well as running on the track. It is unclear whether these races on the field broke the 7:05 mark, or whether they were even timed. It is more than likely that Tesla will produce the recorded track times in a Twitter announcement they made last month.

Watch the video of both Tesla Model S P100D + Plaid Powertrain vehicles running on the Nürburgring below.

Video footage Tesla Model S Plaid rips through the Nürburgring

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