Verizon's first 5G hotspot is $ 500 with a two-year contract

Of course you also have to pay for your data. If you add M1000 to an unlimited phone plan, 50GB 5G and 15GB cost 4G LTE hotspot data (with throttle throttle when you hit these limits) $ 30 per month. Otherwise, connected device plans start at $ 85 / month.

The 5.7 oz drive will run for up to 24 hours on a single battery charge, while the touch screen will help you manage passwords and settings. You can also see your data usage there. The M1[ads1]000 is linked to four other devices currently compatible with Verin's 5G networks: the LG V50 ThinQ 5G and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, along with the Moto Z3 and Z4, although you need the 5G Moto Mod to connect them to the network. 19659002] Meanwhile, Verizon has enabled its 5G network in parts of St. Paul, Minnesota. The venue is Verin's fifth 5G city, after Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and Providence. It is planning to turn on the network in more than 30 cities this year.

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