Today, Verizon introduced its reputation Android TV-powered set-top box. Verizon Stream TV is available for order directly from the company. Except for the signature red mark on the top, the product is not labeled and we have not yet confirmed the manufacturer (although one source tells us that it is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Box).

Stream TV runs an unspecified version of Google's Android TV platform, which means users will have access to their extensive directory of video apps and games *. We have yet to look it up and go, but Verizon has almost certainly made some adjustments using Android TV's operator-level functionality. According to CNET, Stream TV will be available for free as part of the company's 5G home-based internet rollout – along with a free month of YouTube TV.

When it comes to the box itself, Stream TV is an unpretentious black square with a simple power indicator on the front and two ports (a 4K HDMI, an Ethernet) on the back. Google Assistant functionality is built-in, with a dedicated button included on the remote. Unfortunately, we do not know much more about the hardware at this time.

Verizon's Stream TV is available for purchase, and begins today, with an MSRP of $ 70, but you may want to hold on until we know more about this particular device.