Variants of Ragú Pasta Sauce recalled over security issues

(WBNG) – According to the Food and Drug Administration, Mizkan America Inc. has recalled a select selection of Ragú Pasta Sauce.

Mizkan America says it has recalled the products that were produced between June 4 and 8, because there may be plastic fragments in the sauce.

The company encourages consumers to check the refrigerator and pantry for the recalled sauce and discard it.

Mizkan America says consumers should look at the code on the yellow jar as well as the best used by date to determine if their purchased sauce is being carried out at the recall.

To see the list of sauces affected by the recall, visit the FDA website by clicking here.

The company says if the sauce is not on the list, then it is unaffected by the recall.

Mizkan America says it works with grocery stores and retailers to remove the product from the store shelves.

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