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USA warns other countries against using Huawei's 5G tech

Huawei has lost its advantage with the US government after a Congress report from 2012 called it a national security threat out of concern that the Chinese government could force the company to give it access to sensitive data. Just before this year's mid-term election, the country even prohibited state personnel from using Huawei and ZTE units.

WSJ states US officials advised representatives from Germany, Japan and Italy to deter both public and commercially operated networks from using Huawei (and ZTE) components. In addition to discussing the possibility that Beijing forces the company to comply with data access requests, the authorities have stated that 5G is susceptible to cyber attacks and espionage.

See, current cell tower is segregated from the network's "core systems" responsible for voice and data transmission. However, the 5G cell tower will have hardware capable of performing some tasks currently performed by core systems. While US military bases have satellites and telecommunications networks, they are only used for sensitive communications, and most of the military's voice and data traffic continues through commercial networks.

An officially reported publication:

"We engage with countries around the world about our concerns about cyber threats in telecommunications infrastructure. As they want to move to 5G, they are reminded of these concerns. There are more complexities for 5G networks which makes them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. "[1[ads1]9659006] It remains to be seen whether the countries decide to take the US government's council and ban Huawei as Australia already did. Huawei is the leading supplier of 5G equipment, offering customizable products at lower prices than its competitors. "

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