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Life after the coronavirus: Why we should never go back to business as usual

  woman working at desk at home

You keep hearing people talk, during these weird COVID-1

9 times, about the "new normal" or want to get back to " business as usual. "

I see that we desire every kind of normality and that many of us long to return to the office so that we can be around other people outside family members. But how we work should look like a

I do not think so.

There is no denying that our world has been turned upside down, and that includes our way of doing business.Now that most of us have worked from home for several months and we have become accustomed to it, I think there is one thing that has become a strength for us during this time: working remotely has humanized running a business.

with people, not clients

Let me explain what I mean.Before quarantine (I guess), v Many of us dressed in the best of our business success and made sure our haircuts or makeup were flawless before we went to a business meeting with a client.

Now we jump on Zoom conversations wearing our training clothes, children screaming in the background and cats tipping in front of the camera.

We get the same results as we did before, but it's more fun.

It is as if we have taken off our masks and admitted that in addition to being kick-ass doing business, we are also human beings. People who turn their bedrooms into offices with exercise bikes in the background – perhaps with dirty clothes on the bed. People who let small bangs from their personal lives appear in the family photos and art you see in the video conversation.

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The previous barriers we would have had between our personal and business lives have evaporated. We are just. . . human beings. And we can deal with the clutter and stress of life and work.

We may not have felt this connection until the coronavirus changed everything.

One of these guys actually talks a lot about how the company's philosophy is to do business with people, not customers. You can not ask a client how the day was, but you can ask a person. You can not build a relationship with a client, not really the way you can an individual. I appreciate this.

And now that the masks are off, we are able to build these conditions even faster.

Let's keep it that way

So what happens when the day comes when we (well, or you – I've always worked from home) can you go back to the office? When do we have to force our feet to remember how our heels feel and hope we do not break our necks to look "professional"?

Do we have to go back to that way of doing business?

Or can we open the door to give a little more casual, a little more personality, to shine in the business world?

I think of how my mother insisted on when I graduated wearing tights for job interviews. But I hated them and did not see the point in them. She was horrified when I told her at my first job, not only did I not have tights. . . I even had shoes with an open toe. The horror!

Men used to wear suits and ties to work every day. But over time, they throw away the suit jackets and eventually the straps. Now it is more common to see them wearing jeans and a button down button in the office. Some offices are even more informal.

But it's not just about what we use to work. I want us to keep this relativity as well. Right now we are communicating about how quarantine has affected children's graduation studies, our friends' weddings or even our own travel plans. We bind ourselves together against a common enemy. But even when this drama is over, I want us to continue to treat each other as human beings.

Let's talk about where you got the cute top or how you were so excited to have three days off so you could spend it with your family. Let's make jokes about a show we have both seen or ask for book recommendations.

At the end of the day, the work will be done. But I think it's the way we treat each other and what we choose to let each other see and know about ourselves that will help us build trust in that work environment.

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