US finance and payments live updates: cancellation of student debt, $ 2,753 monthly check, tax refund, recession …

Headlines: May 1, 2022

– Inflationary pressures do it The average income of civilian workers fell by 3.7% in real terms during the year ending March 2022

Wall Street had the worst day in over a year on Friday, with Dow jones (2.7%), NASDAQ (4.1%), and S&P 500 (3.6%) everyone ends the day

Amazon stock fell fourteen percent, which represents worst day for the company in over eight years

President Biden confirms intention to announce decision on cancellation of student debtin the coming weeks

̵[ads1]1; Maine start sending $ 850 stimulus checks to residents like menfant cuts in purchasing power

Some states offers higher SNAP benefit amounts such as food prices are rising

– Biden confirms that He will not push for $ 50,000 in student debt forgiveness

– Where are the experts on rent vs purchase in this new housing market

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– Are you looking for a status update on your tax refund? Use the tax authorities’ Wheres My Refund? tool.

Which informs have the lowest prices on electricity?

Medicare sign up:what you need to know

– Chicago offers $ 150 gas card: how to apply

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