UPS sued for the role of workers in the $ 100M timber Ponzi scheme

MADISON, Miss. – A UPS store in Madison, Mississippi, is being sued for its worker's role in a Ponzi scheme that costs investors $ 100 million.

Clarion Ledger reports New Orleans lawyer Alysson Mills sent the case last week. The case says that the store's employees were involved in a timber scheme where around 300 investors were promised high interest rates. In reality, new money was used to pay old investors.

The case processing says workers noted false timber actions and confirmed that fellow landowners acted in front of them, even though "no landowner himself personally arose."

Chairman Arthur Lamar Adams serves a 17 year penalty for fraud. Another Mississippi man charged with the scheme, William McHenry, has not been guilty of similar charges.

The newspaper says the store said it had no comment.

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