UPDATE: Lights back on at Dane County Regional Airport

UPDATE (WKOW) – The lights are slowly coming back at the Dane County Regional Airport, according to the airport's Twitter account.

However, DCRA officials are asking passengers on the level of exit to be re-screened. at TSA. They say passengers will be prioritized by departure time.

Still no word on the loading impact will be on flights in and out of the airport. ] Airport officials checking with your airline for the status of your specific flight.


UPDATE (WKOW) ̵[ads1]1; Dane County Airport says the arrivals / departures section of its website is out-of- date due to power outage. The airport recommends checking with your airline to determine the status of your flight.


UPDATE (WKOW) – Dane County Airports confirms its terminal is now closed. The airport is open to the airport until they receive further notice.


UPDATE (WKOW) – Dane County Regional Airport confirms morning flights will be impacted until further notice

Passengers should check with their airline directly for more information.


MADISON (WKOW) – The Dane County Regional airport is experiencing a power outage

The airport says it's working out what's causing the outage

Travelers are tweeting that no flights are departing right now and the airport confirms that flights are delayed

This is a developing story . Stick with 27 news for updates.

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